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Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Bride Leah Realubit-Hansford: Bride from Down Unda!

Leah has been based in Sydney for the past few years. She and her husband Trevor had an intimate wedding down under but they still wanted to push through with the tradition here in the Philippines. It was Leah's mom who would constantly call me every week to set an appointment for Leah's visit. Mrs. Realubit is a sweet and funny lady. When I finally met her, she was so sexy! 

Leah and Trev are an awesome twosome. Trev was taking his own photos of Leah at the trial then. Even though this was technically their second wedding, I knew that to them, it seemed like the first time all over again. 

Leah and Trev, thank you for keeping in touch! xoxo :) 

Photos by Jayson and Joanne Arquiza

Some photos I grabbed from their Sydney (civil) Wedding below :)

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  1. Thanks Sam! LOve it! Thanks for making my Mum, Sister, and my guests from Aus and of course, me look good!!! I showed the wedding album to my colleagues here and they said magaling ang mga pinay!!!they liked my make up . salamat my dear!!! Take care